Creative Echelon is born!!

Creative Echelon is a collective of creatives coming together to save the world...well maybe not to that extreme but to create something that would inspire. Looking for like minded individuals to create content and to help grow the brand. If you're a writer, photographer, model, fitness trainer, graphic designer and ect. If you are interested shoot me an email at or comment below and I will go more into detail about your talent. 


I have very fond memories of riding this train as a child. My mom would pack my sisters and I a picnic lunch and go to the zoo. We would eat our lunch, look at the animals and ride the train. Just a nice fun simple time and I'm glad its still around. 



I don't know about everyone but I know with out fail that I will wait until the last min to study and have my brain explode like this. Just a random unclear picture.


Bike Bridge?

As I was while walking around the beautiful city of Houston looking for locations for upcoming photo shoots I notice a new Bike Bridge that looks awesome. Just shows how much I need to get out more.

bill coats bridge